Monday, May 22, 2006

It's true...

Imagine my surprise when I get a call from my pet sitter, Tina, while I am away, to tell me that my chinchilla has had a suprise for us....yes, we are grandparents to a cute grey, adorable little girl named (by our niece) Kira.

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Well, I am finally home from my trip to California. It was a wonderful trip, with time with friends and great shows. One of the highlights was visiting the wild animal park with my friend Rita. Seen here with one of our old buddies.

We had a great time at the lions. It was an unusually cool day so they were very active and gave us a lot of opportunities to photograph them. They have a beautiful male and two females on display currently. Rumor has it that one is pregnant...hmmm...I wonder who it is?

I love this picture!!! You would think that this big male would have hunger in his eyes, but he was more curious than anything.