Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mean people suck..

I know that as artists, we have a lot of thinking time on our hands, especially when painting boring things like fur or grass. Our minds drift and we feel compelled to talk about where those thoughts took us. This is one of those moments. I was listening to the Rent soundtrack and heard the song, Seasons of Love. (525,600 minutes...how do you measure a year?) It got me to thinking about how our life is made up of these minutes, and like it or not, we only have so many and then we are done. I think giving our time to someone is one of the greatest gifts we can give. Those are moments that we will never get back, so wasting them seems really wrong. (There are a few really bad movies out there that owe me 1 1/2 hours back, by the way.) Having friends and family around you is a special thing, you love giving them your minutes and sharing theirs. But what about mean people? How many moments have we all wasted on mean people, or even just unpleasant ones? How many moments have we all wasted worrying about these people and their affect on us? My Fall resolution this year is to stop wasting the minutes that I have left on this planet on not-nice people and put them to better use. I raise my life clock in celebration to my dear friends and family and promise to dedicate more time to listening to you and laughing with you. And for the mean people, you will have to find someone else's time to waste.