Thursday, June 30, 2005

How do you choose a subject to paint? Inspiration plays a big part, but insecurity does as well. We, as artists, choose subjects that we know and feel comfortable with. Every now and then, we step outside of the box and try something that we we have never done before. Horses are my comfort zone. I know them better than any other subject and I feel comfortable painting them. An artist's confidence shows in their paintings. When we step outside of that comfort zone and it works, there is no better feeling!!! Not that the subjects we know best hold any less appeal or feeling of success, it is just that we relish those moments when our muses are looking over our shoulders and guiding our hands. Here is to more paintings that are out of my comfort zone! I love painting horses, I love their smell, the sounds they make. Their majesty will always inspire me. I will paint them as long as I can hold brush to canvas! Maybe my next painting will be of an aardvark..but until then, let's hear it for the horses!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

SKB Workshop

Every year, I attend a workshop by the name of the Susan K Black Workshop. Named after an extraordinary artist and woman who passed much too soon. Luckily, her legacy is carried on by those who loved her and is passed on to those of us who are hungry to learn. The teachers are extaordinary, and the attendees are also. I count myself lucky to be included among these amazing people and their talent. Inspiration for us all comes from many different sources, mine from the simple things around me and the amazing talent of the artists around me. I can't wait to share with my friends and collectors all that I have learned in those amazing days that I was in Dubois, WY! Photos from the top to bottom are: Wanda Mumm, Lee Cable, John Seerey-Lester, Carol Grende, Heiner Hertling (You know who you are!), and John Banovich. On the last day of the workshop, the instructors did what is called a 'quick draw". This is an excercise in which the artists are given 1 hour to paint a picture which is then auctioned off. This even raised over 4,ooo dollars for the Susan K Black foundation which supports the arts. I think all these artists deserve a hand for the pressure that they are put under to produce a finished piece of art and then suffer an auction on top of it all!!!! Maybe someday, I will have the guts!


Just when you think that your job can't get any better, something like this happens. You see a grizzly bear and her cubs and he performs for you!!! As an artist, inspiration comes from all sides, it is up to us to recognize it. I am constantly amazed at the simple things in life that are,what I call, little miracles. It can be a beautiful sunset, or a grizzly bear right in front of you than makes you stand up and say, WOW! Just the simple act of life as usual can be amazing.Don't let it pass you by....there are people who live in a constant state of one of those people and you will never be disapointed!

Monday, June 13, 2005

I have many friends just outside my studio window! Posted by Hello

Here is my lovely horse, LB Otoe Skippa Jet...we just call him Cadillac Posted by Hello

My first post...

I have always wondered why would anyone want to read a blog about my day? Well, throwing caution to the wind, here it is. It is a stormy, humid day...what better to do than be here talking with you?