Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Ok, ok, slap my hands. I have been painting, planting, plotting, sitting in my sue me. Sitting in front of the computer is last on my list. I am about to embark on a lot of commission work so I thought I would do a little painting for me. This is a method of painting called Trompe l'oeil. "Trump Loy" which means to fool the eye. There are many different forms, but this is a standard. I am not proficient at it by any means, but I do have fun breaking out the eensey teensy brushes and working on a painting.
My corgi, Dakota, has the most expressive eyes of any dog I have ever seen. This is her, "I realllllly want that, but I am gonna be cool about it" expression. I was having dinner  last week and each time I took a bite I would look at her and she would glance away as if to say, I got the idea for this painting from that face.
I hope you like it,
"Give the Dog a Bone" Oil, 5x7