Friday, December 23, 2005

Amazing day!

John and I are spending our holidays in the Orlando area with his parents and we are having a wonderful time. It is so wonderful to be out of the cold Minnesota winter and back in the sunshine! In fact, John and I went swimming outside this afternoon!!!!
Two days ago, we went to the Disney Animal Adventure Park and had a great time. I did not expect a lot photo-wise, but when we arrived to the Gorilla exhibit, we had a great surprise. Not only were the big silverback males out, but they posed for me for over an hour. Just when I thought I had got enough, they would move and do more amazing things. I have never painted a gorilla before, but now I think I will!
We also saw their amazing tigers. I always get excited by new things, and getting the chance to see all this was a great experience.

Friday, December 02, 2005

A Sad Day...

My heart is saddened to report that our dear friend and mentor, Paco Young passed away from Leukemia yesterday, December 1st. His wife was at his side when he lost his fight. He was an inspiration through his art and through his struggle with this disease. If you have a chance, visit his website, to read his guestbook and see more pictures of his art and his family. The above picture is from his website. Our hearts and prayers go with his family during this difficult time.