Friday, August 28, 2015

It is with great sadness that we said goodbye to our sweet boy Mick Jaguar today. He had a condition known as Cushings and we just could not keep weight on him. The onset of cooler weather was going to be too difficult for him.
He was a real challenge when we first got him as he had been passed around from owner to owner, but he found a forever home with us. He finally learned to trust us and became what we affectionately called "big dog". He loved kisses, and scratches and his baths.
Our pasture is going to be empty without him and I will miss him.
He was a beauty with an attitude. 
My favorite story of him was when a dear friend had a brain tumor come back for the third time decided to refuse treatment. She wanted to ride one last time so we put her on Mick. Remember, I said he had attitude...he loved to push your buttons until you showed him that he could not get away with his shenanigans. Not that day. He was quiet, still, waited for her to signal him, walked quietly and calmly. Because of her condition, she moved slowly, and he waited for her. He took care of her, and I hope she had a great last ride.
He was special and unique.