Monday, December 15, 2014

2015 Calendars now available.

My calendars are now available through Follow the link below if you want to get yours. They sell out every year so hurry!

What Once Was Lost

I have been negligent in my postings on this blog and my website. A New Year's resolution is to keep up more. In a Facebook and twitter world, I have been using them more as of late. I guess because the response is more immediate than any other media. But, not everyone has fallen into the Facebook black hole as deeply as some of us, so I will try to keep up.
This is my latest, What Was Once Lost, oil on board. A quick note about the making of this painting. As an artist, we all use more than one photo for a painting. This is a perfect example. The background is from my old home in Minnesota after a heavy snow, the cowboy is from a picture that I took in August 2009 in South Dakota. Finally, the calf was from a photo I took from the side of the road while I was in Utah looking for petroglyphs.
As you can see, it took a lot of sketching, adjusting, pushing values and adding snow. It was a time consuming, but well worth the time and effort.
Have a wonderful holiday season.