Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another life...

I am working on a new painting and tired of the same old stuff on TV. I am about to turn off the TV and go to my Ipod when I see that the movie Tex is on Starz. It is the first movie I was ever in and I had a brief and not so brilliant appearance in it. I am in the movie no less than 20 times, but this is my only "face" shot...
I am shocked that I was ever that young looking! Please notice the "Farrah Fawcett" wings that ruled the 70's.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Before and After

It is no secret that artists have a tendency to be disorganized and a bit, shall we say, scattered. I went to the extreme in the last few months trying to meet deadlines. So, I am letting you into my studio at it's worst, something that makes me extremely uncomfortable. After all, I am creative, organized, meet all my deadlines, and never, ever forget to return a phone call, right? Yeah, right. Well, here is how my studio looked yesterday.

 The floor is littered dog toys (remember, we have a puppy). receipts, paint brushes, and oil rags. Disgraceful!
 My "office" is a walk in closet. My wonderful husband created shelves and a desktop for my books, reference photos, and art supplies. Handy in that I can shut the door and lose the look of all that clutter. Notice, that I also have to share my space with fur.
 The cabinet to the left of my easel was made by a dear friend, Daniel, and holds the thousands of pastels that I have. I have them separated by color in each drawer. If you are a pastelist and looking for the perfect way to keep  your pastels safe, contact me and I will pass on his number. To the right of the easel is a taboret my husband made to keep my paints and pastels on. Also notice the flat screen TV that was a gift from him with a new surround system. blue ray, and iPod docking station. I am sooooo spoiled.
 Voila! It took all day, and a lot of elbow grease, but the studio is now functional again. My reference is filed, my receipts are in their proper place, my brushes organized and put away, the palette clean and ready for the next painting, dog toys put away, floors swept and mopped, Borco installed on the easel, and the lights re-installed.
 All I can say is thank goodness for Crate and Barrel and Target for storage.
Zoe gives her approval.

You might notice that I have a number of pelts in my studio. Do not be put off by this, I have collected these over the years from estate sales, antique markets, Native American friends, and the skulls, bones and antlers are collected from my property or from friends. I use these for study and education to better understand the animals that I paint.  I do not support the fur market and will not buy furs or pelts that promote the killing of animals for their pelts.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Dance

Another practice painting. Not one of my favorites, I think I "noodled" this one too much. It seems to be my friend's favorite, so maybe I am being too picky. 
I used an Ampersand gesso board for this one. I sketched out the initial drawing with a charcoal pencil and the rest with the oil paint itself.
"The Dance"  Oil 5x7

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Curiosity might just kill the cat...

You all know me as a pretty detailed painter. I sharpen my pastels to a razor sharp edge and I use 000 brushes on some of my work. Well, I have just joined a challenge called the 60/60 Challenge with 27 other artists. The goal is to do 60 paintings in 60 days from life...not photos.EEEK! It runs from March 6th to May 6th and we will be posting online throughout the 2 months.
I decided to grab my big brushes and start warming up to do quick studies. I plan on doing pencil, pastel and oil pieces for the project. I also want to make them within an hour, two at the most. This will force me to loosen up and play with more color. Because I live in Minnesota and it is really cold out there, I will probably set up still lifes here in my studio and work from some sketches done from life at the barn.
This is my cat Burbank. While setting up a still life of marbles, he hopped on the table and started to play with them. This is the resulting painting. I did not do this from life, I grabbed my camera and took the picture. Remember it is just a warm up.
One thing I did for the first time was work on a black gessoed board made for me by Ray Beyl in Montana. His board are the best I have ever worked on. I will include more information on the boards in another post and give contact information so you can try them.
This is called "Curiosity" oil on board, 5x7