Monday, May 11, 2009

Annual trek...

Every year, I make the trek to Southern California for the San Dimas Western Festival and the Fallbrook show. Even though it means three weeks away from home, it is still a fun trip. I drove out to San Dimas and stayed with my dear friends Dawn and Rich Secord. The second week, my hubby, John, joined me and we stayed at a beach condo owned by Vince Ross. It was just the break we needed. We sat on the balcony and enjoyed the sun and surf. We saw dolphins and every kind of sea bird you can imagine.

Here is a fin of one of the dolphins that we saw every morning and evening.
On our way home after the Fallbrook show, we stopped in South Dakota for some good old fashioned touristing. Our first stop was at Bear Country USA for some great photo ops of wolves and bears.
Two wolves played for us...
One of the sweet two week old black bear babies.

Mt Rushmore at 6:00 at night with dear feeding at the base.
Back at home, our deer feeder has been attracting quite the variety of wildlife. We have the turkey and pheasant who visit every day. This morning, they were joined by two more turkeys including a HUGE male. I hope to get pictures of him soon. We also have mallards, wood ducks, racoons, and deer every day. They are eating us out of house and home though, 300 lbs of corn a week! No worries is well worth the sightings we have every day.