Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday John

This weekend, I took John to Ely Minnesota for a weekend "away from it all". I rented a beautiful cabin on the lake. It was charming and perfect for two. What we did not expect was the cold front that moved in and made our plans for snowshowing and hiking...well...not possible. Saturday night saw temps as low as -15.

We were fortunate to be able to take all three of our children. Unfortunately, at these temperatures you can experience "paw freeze", and rescue is necessary.

This is basically what we did all weekend. With no phones or TV, we sat and talked, read, played Trivial Pursuit (I won) and watched the deer run across the lake. It was perfect.

No--he isn't passed out. He layed down on the floor and fell asleep like this.

Our view out the back doors was just beautiful. We loved our weekend there so much, we made reservations there for our anniversary. This time in the snow.

Goodbye Barbaro

Today, Barbaro lost his heroic battle against a broken leg after an abcess developed in his hoof. After 8 months of surgeries and rehab, the owners decided to humanely euthanize him. He was a brave and strong horse that will be missed.

Chester and Annie

I don't take many commission portraits a year, but I enjoy doing them. These are two dogs owned by one of the contractors we hired to fix our siding after hail and tornado damage. I have two more commissions to complete (not portraits), then off to paint for the San Dimas show.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


You gotta love it! Check out the family photo page to see how the rest of the family reacted!