Thursday, June 30, 2005

How do you choose a subject to paint? Inspiration plays a big part, but insecurity does as well. We, as artists, choose subjects that we know and feel comfortable with. Every now and then, we step outside of the box and try something that we we have never done before. Horses are my comfort zone. I know them better than any other subject and I feel comfortable painting them. An artist's confidence shows in their paintings. When we step outside of that comfort zone and it works, there is no better feeling!!! Not that the subjects we know best hold any less appeal or feeling of success, it is just that we relish those moments when our muses are looking over our shoulders and guiding our hands. Here is to more paintings that are out of my comfort zone! I love painting horses, I love their smell, the sounds they make. Their majesty will always inspire me. I will paint them as long as I can hold brush to canvas! Maybe my next painting will be of an aardvark..but until then, let's hear it for the horses!

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