Monday, June 26, 2006

Meet Dakota

Say Hello to our new family member...Dakota. One of our biggest concerns after Gretzky passed away, was that Zoe would be lonely for a companion and playmate. Even in the end of his days, Gretzky still played as well as he could, and when he couldn't, he and Zoe would lay together cleaning each other. Well, at a recent horse show, I met the Mead family corgi's ( and fell in love with this little sad eyed girl. I have named her Dakota because we were in South Dakota at the time, and her registered name is Dakota TookMeBySurprise-because she certainly did. She is a piss ant, I will tell you. Unlike our other puppies, she is strong willed, and stubborn with a capital S. She is also a big corgi for her age. She is 10 lbs at 9 weeks, (Zoe was 4) and her feet tell us that she has a long way to go. She makes us laugh, for sure. If there was any fear that she would not get along with Zoe or Loki, that was eleviated in the first few minutes. She and Zoe are inseperable, and Loki is still skeptical, but patient. Dakota seems to like to use his tail as floss.

This is one of my favorite times of the day! When she crashes, she goes down hard. I will admit, it hard having a puppy in this house again...housebreaking is a pain, but she is smart and already goes to the door when she needs to go. And for those times that I don't see her there...I have to thank Chuck for my spotbot!

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Leslie said...

OK, she is just the cutest thing! Love the white spot on her forehead. I know who is running the household now!!!:)