Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What a glorious day!

I woke this morning in an exceptionally good mood. (Despite the fact I overslept and had to rush to my riding lesson). Who knows what the reason was for my good mood. I once heard the Dali Lama say that the meaning of life can be found with nine hours of sleep a night. Perhaps I should oversleep more often!
While in the car, I heard an interview with the wonderful Deepak Chopra. When he was asked if he ever had a bad day, his reply was simply, "I don't have bad days." The interviewer laughed and said, "Come on, what if you step out your front door and step in dog poop?" His response was, "I would ask myself, What is the universe trying to tell me?" What an amazing outlook on life that is. I aspire to approach life with such grace and simple understanding.
Go outside today and take a deep breath and say thanks for such a wonderful day today. And if you step in something unpleasant, know what to do.

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