Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We are online!!!

We just finished the website and it is up and running! It still needs a little tweaking, but are websites ever really done? It has a new look and is easier to navigate. The images are larger and clearer. Now I can get back to painting....whew.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Juice100 said...

Just checked you out, well, not true, I checked it out a couple of days ago. Thought I would give it a few days to settle in. Great new Look! I love the clarity of it, as well as the simplicity. Found the site easy to move around in. Really liked the larger images, they just jump right out at you.

There was only thing that I noticed, though this is probably just me. I had a hard time reading the stylish cursive writing, especially on the "What's New" page. "Coming Soon" is what I finally concluded. Had to really plus up on that. But, again, that is just me. I love your images, you rock, Girl! Drooling over the fox.

Chrissy said...

Its great, easy to navigate and I loved looking at the images.
Two minor observations were:
You can't use the back button to get out of the site, I personally avoid sites that lock me in but then I am a grumpy web builder in the day!
Secondly, it says prints are available but I couldn't find where? how?....
I couldn't pick one, I was drooling over lots of them! LOL

Anonymous said...

Juice100- Thanks for the note. Fixed the font...I am with you, I hated it too but did not know how to fix it. All better now!

Chrissy- You are right, got the back button taken care of...I hope. As for the prints, just click on the image and you are directed to a page for the print. Most of them are all logged in, but I have a bit more work to do. Thank you for taking the time to check it out!!!!