Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stealth Cam

My husband gave me the coolest gift for my is called a stealth cam, or sniper cam. It is a digital camera that you mount on a tree and a motion sensor activates it. We set it up at our deer feeder and these are a few of the pictures we got last night:
I call these girls, the Ladies. It is a mom and her twins from last year. They come every day and if there is no feed in the feeder, they are more than happy to swipe some of my tomatoes.

This is a bunny caught dashing in front of the camera.

And the coolest...a grey fox at 2:25 am in the morning. We never even knew she came around anymore.
I will post more as we learn how to use the camera a little better!


Anonymous said...

Wow girlfriend that is so cool. Hum, I wonder if I should set one up for our dogs to see who has learned to open the barn door!

Great Pictures!!

Jeni N said...

HA! A gift idea for the man who stumps me every birthday or other gift event! These are great pictures. The best I have done at night is to shine a million-candle power flashlight out toward the burn pile (75 yards away) and have little eyes flash back at me. Probably a possum. The worst I have done is to see a pole cat sashaying across the FRONT yard, in broad daylight! Through a screen window, while praying he didn't get upset about anything.

Neat pics. The dogs always find our deer - and they're actually a lot more appreciative of what the deer leave for them in the grass than anything else. You have to watch those canine critters. They can imagine almost anything to be edible. (I know! Yuck.)

Thanks for sharing! It's always fun to see what's on your web site, Vik.