Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What do you do for fun?

Recently, John and I enrolled our two corgis, Zoe and Dakota, in an agility class. It is the perfect scenario, they get exercise running around the course and we get exercise running to keep up. As luck would have it, they really love it and we get to have some fun together with our dogs. For those of you who don't know what agility is, it is simply putting your dog through a series of obstacles including jumps, ramps, and tunnels. It is a blast and is good for a laugh or two! Just ask the one who lost her dog in a tunnel! (Yes, that would be me) I thought I would share a few pictures from last night's class of our Zoe showing her stuff. We had to sit Dakota out for this photo shoot, but we will get pictures of her next time.
We take classes at a local facility known as Elk River K9. They are a wonderful organization with great teachers and offer classes in almost everything. Their website is Check them out, and if you live in the area, join us for some fun with our dogs.
(Please forgive the blurry pictures, but what can I say? little girl is just too fast!)

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karryl said...

How fun! I know my Tinker would have loved to do that. We have a new dog now, a Cavelier King Charles. Vic had never had a chance to choose his own dog, so this was it. He's cute and fun, but not a Corgi, Sigh. At least I still have my Newfie