Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When God sneezes, it is called straight line winds...

As in most midwestern states, tornadoes and straight line winds create havoc for everyone. We were hit last weekend with one of the worst storms in quite some time. It took down 50 foot trees and as you can see, our gazebo.
But the most amazing thing happened...the next day, our neighbors, chainsaws and tools in hand, descended on us and helped us with the clean up. (Which was substantial!) I have never felt such a warm rush of friendship and community as I did this day. It was god-awful hot that day, so when we were done, we all gathered at a neighbor's pool for a rousing game of pool baseball, brats on the grill and much needed margaritas. Words can not express how proud and blessed I feel being a part of this amazing place. Thank you so much for making my life so rich.
Thanks goes to, Paul, Hans, the Holbrook family, and the Christ family. Our lives are richer because you are all a part of it.


Carol Andre' said...

Oh, my gosh- glad you guys were ok- stuff can be replaced and fixed!
Thanks for stopping by my blog- funny, I enjoy yours- and am always envious of you, Joni Johnson-Godsy, etc. living where you have the wild things running through your yards. I used to have that and miss it soooo much. Now the wildest thing I have is a 3.25 lb. chihuahua!!! Ha!
Maybe someday we'll get together yet!

naturegirl said...

I don't know Carol...those little dogs can get pretty wild!