Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Easton Waterfowl Festival 2010

It is no secret that I look forward to Easton show every year, it is by far one of my favorites. From the volunteers to the the time we artists get to spend together, it is a great weekend. Unfortunately, I caught a cold at the very beginning of the show and missed out on most of the activities. But by Sunday, I was feeling better and got a chance to get around and see my friends. They are all so talented, I wanted to share these pictures and links to their work with you. If you can take the time, check out the work of these amazing artists.
Linda Besse and I. She was one of the few people that would stand close to me while I was sick....and one of the few who didn't get the cold that we all passed around the show. Linda's oils are luminescent and have a life of their own. She is a sponge, always learning, always growing. I am happy to have her as a friend and a colleague. You can see her work at http://www.besseart.com/.
Ray Brown is a very talented graphite artist and fun to be around. He has helped me to appreciate the corvids in my life. You will just love his composition and use of space. His work can be seen at http://www.raybrownart.com/.

My new friend, Jason Tako and his lovely family. He has always been in another building, so we never got a chance to talk. Luckily, he was my neighbor this year and we found a common bond in that he is from Minnesota. His beautiful oils can be seen at http://www.jasontako.com/. BTW- his pintail painting took second place in the VIP Best in Show. Well deserved, Jason.

Ray Brown, Terry Miller, and Pete Zaluzec in a very serious conversation!!! Truthfully, knowing these three, there was nothing serious going on at all. Terry was another artist that was in another building at the show, but this year, right across from me. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to get to know him better and look at his wonderful art. Pete is a wonderful sculptor and I just love the things he does with his work. Take a look at Terry's amazing pencil work at http://www.terrymillerstudio.com/, and Pete's sculpture at http://www.petezaluzec.com/.

Pat Pauley and Rachelle Siegrist in one of their rare serious moments. Both wonderful wildlife artists, Pat does wonderful wildlife paintings and Rachelle and her husband Wes are two of the most talented miniature artists I have ever met. You can see Pat's work at http://www.patpauleyart.com/ and Wes and Rachelle's at http://www.artofwildlife.com/.

Karryl and her wonderful family. Karryl is a very talented sculptor who, I am happy to say, I have had a chance to add to my collection. Her animals have an expression of whimsy and character that captures your heart. You can see her work at http://www.karryl.com/.

Melanie Fain and Pete Zaluzec. Melanie does wonderful etchings that are both expressive and intimate. You can see her work at http://www.melaniefain.com/.

I can't express enough the admiration I have for these two artists. Lyn St Clair and her magical oils and Julie Bender and her pyrography. They do things with their medium that can not be described. See Lyn's work at http://www.wandermuse.blogspot.com/ and Julie's at http://www.juliebender.com/.

I don't want to slight anyone who was at the show, there are too many to name on this blog. I will add more pictures during the month and links to their websites.

Remember that art is the greatest gift you can give, and while thinking of Christmas gifts this year, take a look at the work of artists and consider beautifying your home or your friend's home with the talents of these artists.

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Ray Brown said...

Thanks for the post and the shout out Vik. You and your work are always a joy to see along the show circuit as well. It was great to see you looking forward to next time.