Monday, March 05, 2012

60/60 Challenge

I have posted in the last week or so about starting a challenge headed by my friend, Adele Earnshaw. I thought that I had a lot of time to prepare, but it starts tomorrow. The challenge is for 27 selected artists to paint 60 paintings in 60 days from life. I have a still life table set up in my studio and will take this challenge head on. Many of you know that I am a sloooow painter, so to keep my paintings loose and quick will be a my biggest worry. I will be working in pencil, oil, and pastel.
This has been a challenging month, my husband was thrown from his horse and hurt and when he got back on his feet, I was thrown down by one of the worst flu bugs I have ever had. I am still in bed for much of the day and hope to be back to working full days very soon.
I will be posting my daily paintings on my new blog at . If you are interested in watching the progress. If you are on facebook, you can also see all works that are posted daily by all 27 artists. The page is at
I am sure that you will be able to see some amazing works and all will of course be for sale.

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