Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Art and Friendship

It goes without saying that we artist types spend a great deal of time alone in our studios. After all, the creative process requires a great deal of concentration and it is sometimes hard to carry on a conversation when trying to work in and out of a painting 'pickle'. (It happens to all of us) Having been an actress in my former life, I was used to hard work, hard critism and finally, applause for the effort. On becoming an artist, I still worked hard and still received harsh critism at times...but no applause at the end of a painting. Now...don't get me wrong, I am not in this career for applause, thank goodness. It is in the long hours of tedious painting, (grass, fur, etc) or the quiet times between paintings that I treasure my friends the most. I have been blessed with the best friends that one person could ever ask for. They are my support, my foundation, and my best source of laughter and I thank them for that.
This is a fun career and I love it, but it is also a hard one at times. We don't always sell as well as we would like, but the bills still keep coming in. We aren't always in a 'creative way' and nothing seems to work, but you push through them. Rejection is a large part of this career, you don't get juried into shows, you don't place in competitions, or you get a rough critique from a judge or teacher. You have to develop a thick skin-and this is a good thing. It is in those vunerable moments that your friends are your applause, your reward. In your victories, your true friends rejoice with you. In your sad times, they cry with you. In the lonely times, they sit with you. All in all, I would say friendship is as important to us as our canvas, paint and easels.
So this is to my friends, you know who you are...my IM'ing buddy, my car phone calling buddy, my horse crazy and just make me laugh all day buddy...there are just too many to name. Thank you for all you give to me and my paintings. There is a little of your laughter in each one.

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