Friday, February 08, 2013

A small break

I have been working day and night on paintings and on the new barn and corral, taking care of the animals and working with the horses. Last week a small dream came true for me. I have wanted a chicken since I was a little girl. I know, dream big, right? I even bought a laying hen for a dollar for my mom for Mother's Day from the Barnyard's who lived down the street from us. I was 10. My mother broke my heart by making me take her back.
I got my first chickens on Friday and I thought I would introduce them. Not only are they going to give us organic eggs, but will be our pets and subject matter for my paintings. I call them my fluffy bottom girls...

This is Blondie, a Buff Orppington

This is Daphne, a Silkie

Swiffer, a Silkie

Dora, an Australorp

Betty, a Barred Rock 

And my soprano, Veronica, another Barred Rock.

My husband is terrified that I am going to become a crazy chicken lady, but I reassure him that when we have fresh eggs, less bugs, and fertilizer for the garden, he will be happy that I am a crazy Chicken Lady!
Now back to the drawing board.

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