Monday, February 11, 2013

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 I like this one. The flowers are from a cross country trip through South Dakota, the Robin is from my backyard in Minnesota, and the pump is from "1880 Town" in SD. 1880 Town is a tourist stop in the middle of no where not far from Wall, SD. It's big claim to fame was the horse, Cisco,  from the Kevin Costner movie Dances With Wolves...then he died at the age of 33. So they moved on to the Longhorn with the world's longest horns on record, and added a camel. The town is built like a movie set and is full of wonderful little treasures, feral cats, and people in costume that roam around for photo ops. There is a Buffalo Bill exhibit and Casey Tibbs (who is from Ramona, CA) museum plus all kinds of wonderful little pieces of history. I stop every time I pass through and always love my visit. If you ever go through the area, have 12. burning a hole in your pocket,  it is well worth your time and a good opportunity to stretch your legs.
This gives you and idea of how I put my paintings together. They are puzzle pieces of my trips around the country put together to make one image. There is a story behind almost every element of my paintings.

I was surprised that the rusty metal of the pump was not the nightmare that I thought it would be. I laid a base coat down, then sponged the texture on the surface, added shadows and glazes and there you go.
This is an oil on board.

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Really beautiful.