Saturday, May 30, 2015

It happens once or twice a year, I get plagued with insomnia to the point that I only sleep a few hours a night for a week or four. I am in the big fat middle of it right now. My clever husband said, stop fighting it and make it work for you. So instead of laying there and making myself try to sleep, I got up at 2 am, went into the studio, looked at some photos I took at a horse show my friend was in and drew this out. I was shocked how easy it came, and the clarity that I had at that hour. By 9 am I had put in a full 7 hours of work and came up with this. Mind you, it is a horrible camera phone picture, but it gave me a euphoric feeling that instead of fighting this, I could make it work for me and get something done. It is my largest painting to date at 24x36 (don't pish that, I am an 11x14 kinda gal) and I can't stop. This is Balance, oil on canvas, WIP. It has miles to go, but I thought I would share.

Almost is where I put it aside and think about it...

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