Monday, October 15, 2007

Itty bitty paintings

I just love to paint small paintings. These are all for my upcoming show in Easton. None of them measure over 2" x 3". Doing small paintings allows you to step out of the norm and focus on the animal and have some fun with detail. Each one of these has a fun story that I will add with each painting.
Now, I don't claim to paint miniatures, that is a whole different form of art. Rachelle and Wes Segriest are probably the finest miniature artists I know, you can see their art and read more about miniature painting at You can see their work at the Easton show as well.
I have a few more small paintings to do, then I am going to spread my wings again and do the larger ones. But in the meantime, I am sharpening the point of my favorite 00 paintbrushes and having a "little" fun.

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