Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New work

These are two small 5x7's for my upcoming show. I just love being able to paint things that I can see right out my window. These lilacs grow on the north side of our property and I look forward to them every year. We only have the ruby throated hummingbird here in Minnesota, but I have plenty of sketches of other species from living in Southern California.

I may be one of the most prolific fuschia killers on the planet. Every spring, I buy three from the local gardens and slowly, methodically murder them over the course of the summer. But...I always get plenty of pictures and color sketches before they go, so I guess you can say that they don't die in vain. I may have been born with a black thumb, but I was also born for a great admiration for them.

These are both in oil on board. I am growing more and more fond of oils the more I do them.

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