Monday, February 14, 2011

My family...

I had to share this picture. My husband, John has been fighting a sinus infection for a while now. This weekend, he was not feeling well, so he holed up in the basement with the big screen tv to watch sports and our rescue, Suki, decided to keep him company.
We did not ever plan on having a cat, but she was so sick and so sad when we came across her we could not turn our back on her. Our plan was to get her well, and find her a home...well, we soon found out that giving away a cat in Minnesota is like giving away a form of the plague. She wormed her way into our hearts and as you can see, even John can't say no to her.

What greater Valentine gift can you get than the love of an animal?

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B Lancton said...

What a great picture.... comfy chair, Dr. Pepper, TV, and a comforting friend saying "Thanks for taking me in". Can recuperation be much better than this?