Monday, February 14, 2011


This is a photo I took on the easel. There is a lot more depth to the colors than is shown here. Unfortunately, our days here are so overcast, I have to count on the studio lights for photographs. I am going to put it aside for a few days and then pull it back out to tweak it here and there. I have found that when you look at a painting too long, you lose sight of things that need to be fixed. I will put a painting in the drawer for a few days, then pull it out to see what stands out to me that needs some work.
These two horses are gypsy vanners, a very old and very magical breed. They have amazing manes, tails, and feathers on their legs. To look at them, you almost feel like you are looking at a dream. It is very hard to paint them without them looking like a fairy tale. I hope I did them justice.

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