Tuesday, October 04, 2011

All Dressed Up WIP

This is turning in to a labor of love, I may have to price this painting at 1.2 million dollars to make some money on it. Of course, I am kidding. Sometimes you just have to paint something for yourself and it does not matter how long it takes or how hard you have to work at it. This is one of those paintings.

This is an extended view of my easel. I have my reference photo on the left, and my brushes on the right. I also use a laptop to zoom in on my reference so I can get the intricate detail of the bridle. My husband told me last night that this is one of those paintings that you can use crazy colors in the background and get away with it. I added Cad Yellows, and Sap Green to deepen the colors in the background. I went in with a white pastel and re-drew the chain and reins and I am slowly laying in the colors.

One thing that works for me with oils is to lay in the darkest value of color first and then hit the highlights at the end. So, for the bit and the chain, I put down a mixture of Payne's grey and T White. I do have to say, I am romanced by the Alkyd Titanium White. My underpainting is dry by morning and I can get back to work a lot sooner than if I used a traditional oil. With something as intricate as this, it is nice to be able to get to work first thing in the morning and not have to put it aside until it is dry. I may be a convert.

I hope to have this done by today....hope...

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Nessa Dee said...

And your art is beautiful!