Friday, October 14, 2011

Goodbye Loki

14 years ago, I was driving through Sun Valley, CA and stopped at a stoplight. Trapped in the middle of traffic, was a gangley, thin, black shepherd. I pulled my car into the intersection and stopped traffic. I opened my door and grabbed this poor scared dog and threw him into the back seat of my Geo Storm. The rest is history. He was our best friend, protector, clown, and snuggler.
At 11, he collapsed and we found out that his heart was failing. Well, we had a pacemaker implanted and he stayed with us for 4 more wonderful years. We have many wonderful memories of him, and there will not be a day that I won't look for his wagging tail and bright eyes.
I will miss you big dog.
 He was big, but he was gentle. He took care of Zoe when she was a baby.
 I think this is my favorite picture of him. He loved to play ball, and he was so patient with puppies, even with Zoe, who could be very trying on your nerves.
 Handsome man.
 Keep away games with the short legged dog...
 Their play always looked rough, but it was always in good fun.
 We called him Canyon Dog. He loved to go for hikes more than any other dog that I have ever had. So we decided to put him to work and he carried his own water, Power Bars for us and film for my camera.
Again, patience with a new puppy. Dakota wanted his treat,  he would not relent, but he would share.

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Linda Besse said...

What a wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing his life (and your generous and life-fulfilling rescue) with us. He was lucky to have you.