Sunday, December 11, 2011

The making of a perfect Christmas Card

And so it begins. The dogs are groomed and decked out. My patient husband starts the posing. Remember, the middle dog, Bella, is our new 6 month old puppy...we are prepared for the worst.

She lays down and the light is wrong. Oh yeah, and her tongue is sticking out. Zoe and Dakota are looking for their treat.
Light is good, but wrong exposure, and again...looking for snausages. Notice John is dashing off to get out of the way.
Zoe makes a dash for freedom. Bella and Dakota being the youngest and the most behaved. My favorite part of this is, Burbank the cat was trying his best to get into the picture. We didn't even know he was in the room.
The final picture, the only picture. And all the time, Burbank is chewing on one of my ornaments. He is probably angry that he was not asked to be a part of the picture. But who would ever think that a cat would sit still?
I have a whole new respect for the mall photographers that take pictures of children.
Merry Christmas.

A short video before I had to get the lighting right...

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