Thursday, January 05, 2012


I can never figure out why people wander into our lives and wander out, all I know, is there is a reason for it. A special friend of mine, through her facebook posts, introduced me to this special little girl. I "liked" her page, not knowing much about her, but as the months rolled along, she became a part of my day...everyday. I thought of her, prayed for her, and she touched me in a way that no one ever has.
She was diagnosed with two inoperable brain tumors and spent much of the last year in and out of the hospital. Despite her pain and chemo, she managed to create a foundation called NEGU (Never Ever Give Up) and made gifts, Joy Jars, for other children with cancer. She taught me that even though you are faced with the worst of all circumstances, giving back is far reaching and blessed.
Today, sweet Jessie lost her fight. I encourage you to visit her foundation and give what you can. Pay it forward and the world will always be richer.
Check out this link to her story. I hope she touches your life like she did mine.

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