Saturday, January 14, 2012

A sad passing...

About four years ago, our neighbors got a leak in their fish tank. It only contained feeder goldfish, so they sneaked over to our little fountain pond and deposited them. They did not tell us this, of course, and about three weeks later we found that there were tiny flashes of gold in our pond. I called my neighbor Peggy and asked her, "Did you put goldfish in our pond?" Her response was, "I swear to you that I did not put fish in your kids did, but not me."
We decided to get a tank heater and keep them. Today, one left the earthly plane. We estimate that this fish was about 8-10 years old, and yes, that is a full size shovel, and yes, that is a feeder goldfish. 
Somehow, they managed to breed and we have one left of the original three and three babies.
Let's pause in quiet reflection and remember this extraordinary fish and it's unbelievable life.
Now, I say...SUSHI!!!!

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Texasartist said...

We put feeder goldfish in all of our water troughs. They keep the mosquito wigglers eaten. Because the troughs are large, the fish grow large and many are quite beautiful, more like Koi than goldfish. Some are Orange and white, some black and orange, some all white and others all orange, most with the beautifully flowing tails that your deceased fish has. They also manage to reproduce. Occasionally, a Great Blue Heron will find them and thin the population a bit.