Monday, January 16, 2012

Pink and Blue-a tribute

I grow the most amazing peonies in my backyard. They thrive because I leave them alone, I say that because when I fuss over flowers, they die. Bluebirds are all over our property and I just love watching them, feeding them and giving them a place to live.
January 15th in 2003, the day after her 70th birthday, I lost my mother to cancer, breast cancer was one of the three types she had. She beat it three times until her little body just gave out. I dedicate this painting to her and her fight. I will be offering this painting as a print soon and donate the proceeds to the American Cancer Association.
 She was so beautiful! Inside and out.
I loved to tease her about this picture, she HATED it because the photographer made her pose like this. You can see her displeasure in her face!  I am overcome with emotion on how much we look like each other at this age. I aspire to be as kind and giving as she was.


Louvregirl said...

How extremely beautiful this painting is...and your loving, heartfelt post. I love the photo of your Mother as a young women!
Thank you,

Linda Besse said...

What a stunning painting and a beautiful tribute.

naturegirl said...

Thank you so much.