Friday, October 11, 2013

On a side note...

Someone once asked me what impression did I want to leave on the world. Most people say to be remembered as kind, or a great artist, or what ever...My answer was, "I want to be that person that someone talks about over dinner." Odd answer, I know. But it came from an evening in Cardiff By The Sea, CA. It was my last night in CA after one of the best summer sessions in college I had ever had. I was sad to go. I was walking on the boardwalk with some classmates and a VERY drunk man stumbled out of a tavern with a water gun and started shooting people. I turned to my friends and said, "Watch this". They moaned and rolled their eyes because they knew me too well. He shot me with the water gun and I went into a huge death scene, right there on the sidewalk. I stumbled into traffic, stopped cars, and collapsed in the street. This guy straddled me, pointed the gun at my forehead and said "Give up the secret plans or DIE!" I shouted, NEVER! and died. He laughed and gave me a hand up and hugged me. He told me that I was the coolest person he had ever met and he was going to talk about me over dinner with his family for years to come.
Hence, my answer explained. (quite frankly, I don't think he would ever remember that night because of his level of intoxication, but I digress) 
My reason for posting this was, a dear friend of mine, who is a storyteller, yes, they do exist, was reviewed in a newspaper article I just read. They said about her...She parks diagonally in a parallel world. What a great description. I was so envious of this that I have adopted it and it will be framed and on the wall of my studio. Angela is a true original and an amazing talent. She was the lead in my very first play, A Runner Stumbles, and she hypnotized me. I was a wee little thing at 18 and she introduced me to a world of street poets, art, literature, opening your eyes and drinking in life. She was the mom I was missing at that time of my life, and I mean that in the best of ways. We would sit for hours on the roof of her Tulsa apartment building and eat mangos and talk of the world and philosophy. 
She has no idea that I look back on those days as my formative years and I am what I am partly due to those talks. But that doesn't matter. Why do we need to know how we affect people? Not knowing is the coolest thing about being "that guy". You touch people and then you are gone.
Go make a difference in someone's life and don't ask why or how did that make you feel. Help someone across the street, help fix a flat tire, pay for someone's coffee behind you...and just pray that they say, "I met the coolest person today" over dinner.
To see Angela telling a wonderful story about her growing up click on the following link.

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