Wednesday, October 09, 2013

What 'cha been up to?

Well, this...
I have been getting ready for a show and finishing up my three (Yes, three) calendars for 2015.
This is what I have so far and 7 more on the easel.
As for sleep, what is that? Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining at all. I plug in a movie, put on the headphones, turn off the computer and phone and go at it. I just love it when I get into this mode.

Dinner Time? Pastel

 Holding Fast, Oil
 Keeping Him Close, Pastel
Pasture Pals, Pastel

On a personal note, things around the house are going well. Despite the fact that my husband has 4 ruptured discs in his back, we have a new horse in the pasture, and the chores seem to keep mounting up. I start my day, happily I might add, at 4 am. Horses fed and pasture cleaned, dogs, birds, cat, and chickens all fed and cared for. Breakfast cooked, laundry going, then by 8-9 get into the studio. Sometimes a little later if something goes awry...which always does. 
We have had Santa Ana winds and the fires have kicked up. We lost power all day on Sunday and the internet all day yesterday from various small fires around us.
It seems of late I have become somewhat of an insomniac. I really stressed out about this at first, but then realized I could lay in bed and stress about not sleeping or, embrace it, and get work done. Choosing the latter has become a very good thing. I get more done before sunrise than I used to all day. Don't get me wrong, I still get a good 7-8 hours a day sleep, I am just in bed by 8 pm sometimes. Does that mean that I am getting old???
The weather is turning chillier and it gets down into the 40's at night. The pool is solar heated so it has gone from 88 degrees to 70. I am sad that I can not swim every day, it became my main source of exercise. With the cold, the horses are starting to "hair" up, and I am in the process of winter proofing the chicken coop. The rattlesnakes are finally gone for the year, so clearing out the underbrush is not so scary anymore. It is funny how your perception of season changes alters when you move from Minnesota to California. About now the pool would be drained, caulking and weatherproofing would be done, horse blankets would be cleaned and ready and winter coats and sweaters would be out. What are we doing? Planting grass. Our courtyard in back suffered a serious blow with three dogs who discovered how fun digging for moles is and the damage caused by...well, you know, that thing that dogs do. So our helpmate, Hugo, is laying down landscape hardware to stop the dogs from digging in and the moles from digging out. Then planting grass to grow through it.
I have pumpkins on the porch and we are Halloween ready. Our sugar maples are the most beautiful color right now, and Fall has fallen here.
Have a great October and I will update soon.


Juice100 said...

I love your calendars, have the latest on the wall, even with it all marked up, it is something people notice and comment on. So-after reading this, I realized that you have Nothing to do, so thought I would throw out a suggestion. I would love to have your work (horses and wildlife), as a screensaver. Is that complicated? Feasible? Something your are planning? Just saying....something to think on. ;)

naturegirl said...

Not really sure how that works. I will have to look into it. I am glad you like the calendars. There will be three in 2015, I am very excited!